Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

Food Safety Modernization Act/Produce Safety Rule

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA or Produce Safety Rule) was signed into law in 2011 to reduce incidences of contamination in the United States. Lessons learned from previous produce safety outbreaks inspired this effort to prevent future occurrences.

DFI partners with the Nevada Department of Agriculture to train and provide educational resources for farmers in anticipation of enforcement of FSMA in 2019 and upcoming years. DFI and NDA offer on-farm readiness reviews in which farms can voluntarily request an informal visit to review Produce Safety Rule requirements.

Check here to see if your farm is covered or exempt from FSMA.

If you are new to the requirements outlined in FSMA, check out these informational sheets to get the ball rolling: FSMA FAQs – Nevada Department of Agriculture.

This video from the Produce Safety Alliance (7 minutes) gives a great overview of FSMA and how it applies. 


Wondering how GAP and FSMA are related? Here is an article that provides an overview. If you are GAP certified, you are already ahead of the game in preventing produce contamination!

Creating a Food Safety Plan for Your Farm

Food safety planning can be overwhelming at the outset, but there are many helpful links and guidance documents available from the Produce Safety Alliance to assist growers.

We just completed an update of DFI’s Food Safety Plan that can be used as a reference by area growers. Our plan is intended to meet GAP and FSMA requirements – it includes specific procedures and a streamlined record keeping system.

DFI also put together this Food Safety Planning Questionnaire to assist Nevada growers in drafting their own plan. Let us know if you need help – we offer free consultations! Contact Jill Moe at

Produce Safety Training

The Produce Safety Alliance lists all FSMA trainings offered in Nevada and around the US as well as online training videos. The Nevada Department of Agriculture provides training information specific to our state. Also find links to NDA instructional videos listed on the DFI Food Safety Program web page.