Organic Seed Propagation Service

The Desert Farming Initiative (DFI) will be accepting orders starting in December 2019 for the 2020 growing season. DFI provides high quality organic plants starts for commercial farms, large gardens, schools, and nurseries.  All plant starts are grown in the DFI certified organic.  The DFI is the only certified organic greenhouse in the state offering bulk orders of organic plant starts for sale.  We accept  orders for any standard vegetable grown in North American climates, and will grow any desired variety.  All vegetable varieties requested must be purchased as a whole flat.  The DFI does not sell individual plants or individual six-pack cells (exceptions for schools and non-profits).  A minimum of 1 flat ordered per variety is required.

The service is designed to offer growers the opportunity to have a source of organic plant starts that are Nevada Grown, or plant availability of rare, unique, and or heirloom varieties that otherwise can not be purchased in standard commercial nurseries or garden centers in Nevada.  In addition, the DFI staff can help assist in making the decision about best vegetable varieties grow in your region, or what varieties are most desirable for purchase in the local markets.  We can also assist with deciding which seed source to go with.  If you are not a certified organic grower, don’t worry, this service is still offered and encouraged.

How does it work?  Email Program Manager, Charles Schembre or call 775-682-9783 if you have any questions about vegetable varieties and or seed companies.  You can download the order form below. Prices may vary based on the cost of seed for some varieties.

Pricing – Will be updated December 2019 for 2020 growing season. Note: pricing will be increasing from 2019 prices.

128 cell Flat 

72 cell flat

3 in pots – 18 pots per flat

*Rates above apply to pick up or local delivery within an 1 hr drive of UNR campus.  There will be a delivery charge for out of area.  Rates will vary depending on distance and current gas prices.