Intern Interview: Kaitlin Woodburn

It is always fun to get to know the people behind the farm. Our interns are a big key to our overall success here at the Desert Farming Initiative. Simultaneously, interns have the opportunity to grow and learn about agriculture through hands-on experience. Kaitlin has been interning with the farm for several semesters, and has worked closely with our our Farm Supervisor to assist with all aspects of farming. She also helps welcome and show the ropes to new interns. See what she has to say so far about her experience with us!
What is your name, graduation year, and major?
Kaitlin Woodburn, December 2017, Agriculture
Why did you want to intern at DFI?
I wanted to intern at DFI to gain experience and knowledge in agriculture.
What have you learned from working at DFI?
I have learned so much about growing crop plants, pest control and weed control. I have gained knowledge on food safety laws and discovered the science behind how hoop houses work to extend growing seasons.
What is your favorite memory of DFI?
My favorite memory of DFI was working at our summer Farm stand. I loved talking with people about our produce and hearing their thoughts and comments on growing local. It was a joy to give people quality produce and to have them know where their food came from.
What are your plans for after graduation?
My plans after graduation are to continue a career in agriculture. I am hoping the opportunities are endless to see where it takes me! I would love to travel to other countries and see their methods of farming.

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