Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP)

GAP certification is handled by the Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) and USDA. This voluntary certification signifies that growers have adopted conservation and food safety practices, and can be important because some wholesale buyers require GAP/GHP certification as a condition for purchasing. 

The DFI Food Safety Plan is intended to meet GAP and FSMA requirements and includes good handling practices, operating procedures and a record keeping system. Results of our latest GAP Audit (2017) are available to the public. DFI keeps its Food Safety Plan up to date via ‘mock audits’ – these are available to all farms, highlight the latest GAP requirements and help identify any practices that need improvement without the cost of a full GAP certification process. 


Wondering how GAP and FSMA are related? Here is an article that provides an overview. If you are GAP certified, you are already ahead of the game in preventing produce contamination!

If you have questions about food safety planning or auditing procedures, please contact us.