Access Raspberry and Blackberry Tips From Your Home

“There’s an app for that,” is a phrase trademarked by Apple in 2010 as a comment on the diversity of the ever-growing sector of phone applications. In farming, the Desert Farming Initiative seeks to test applications that are appropriate to our region, and utilize technology to proliferate knowledge. In 2014, DFI received a Specialty Crop Block Grant to grow raspberries and partner with local farms, such as Jacobs Family Berry Farm and Lattin Farms, to create a best practices guide.

The Raspberry and Blackberry Growers Guide is a web-based application that will guide individuals through actions, insight, and best practices month by month. The guide is meant to be interactive, and gathers certain parameters specific to the growing conditions and berry type of each user. Additionally, features throughout the guide allow individuals to keep track of their actions, add notes, and return to the application at any time. The guide was built for a diverse audience from backyard gardeners to production scale farmers. The ability to inform growers from all levels of production is an important facet to the Desert Farming Initiative mission while also cultivating greater knowledge and appreciation for agriculture in the state of Nevada.

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